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Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Practical Programming

 Python Programming – An Introduction to Computer Science

Effective Python


Program 1(a) - Find the best of two test average marks out of three test's marks
Program 1(b) - Program to check whether a given number is palindrome or not
Program 2(a) - Program which accepts a value for N (where N >0) as input and pass this value to the function.
Program 2(b) -Program to convert binary to decimal, octal to hexadecimal using functions.
Program 3(a) - Program that accepts a sentence and find the number of words, digits, uppercase letters and lowercase letters.
Program 3(b) - Program to find the string similarity between two given strings.
Program 4(a) - Program to implement insertion sort and merge sort using lists.
Program 4(b) - Program to convert roman numbers into integer values using dictionaries
Program 5(a) - Program to recognize a pattern 415-555-4242 with and without using regular expression
Program 5(b) - Program that could search the text in a file for phone numbers and email addresses
Program 6(a) - Program to display the first N line & frequency of occurrences of word in a file
Program 6(b) - Python program to create a ZIP file of a particular folder which contains several files inside it.
Program 7(a) - Program to find the area of triangle, circle and rectangle using concept of inheritance.

Program 7(b) - Program to store and update details of employees belonging to given department.

Program 8 - Program to find whether the given input is palindrome or not (for both string and integer)

Program 9a - Program to download the all XKCD comics

Program 9b - Program to read the data from the spreadsheet and write the data in to the spreadsheet.

Program 10a - Program to combine selected pages from many PDFs.

Program 10b - Program to fetch current weather data from the JSON file.